Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow...I can't believe the holidays are over and we are quickly moving into 2010. Hopefully my postings will be a little more frequent as I get myself organized this year. ORGANIZED is my main goal. No more late cards! What is my excuse anyway since I love making cards??  I need to learn to be a little more easy going and not such a perfectionist when making a card for someone. Are you like that? I want the card to be just right and then I never get it done on time and there we go again...a late or never sent card.

I will leave you with this card I made for a publication call, but I guess it wasn't what they were looking for.  Sending you sunshine in the new year.  I hope all your hopes, dreams and wishes come true!

EDIT:  Never give up on a card.  This just goes to show that just because one publication call didn't choose this card, another did.

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