Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Organization

Here is the little Christmas planner that I made to keep myself on track during the Christmas season and the best part....everything was in one place.  I don't know about you, but I usually have coupons, lists and receipts everywhere and can never find any of them when I really need them.  This year was wonderful and I will  plan on making a new one every year or possible altering this one to just change the date for next year.

Here is the outside cover  that is really just an altered composition book.  This is the same image that I used on the last post to make my Christmas Card Keeper.  The download for the design can be found here at the Eighteen25 Blog.  They have the coolest ideas and great FREE downloads. 

 Here is the inside cover.  I just used some white 6" x 9" envelopes to hold all my coupons.  It was very nice to  have all my coupons in one place.

Here are all my tabs...I had the following, Calendar, To Do, Gift List, Menu/Recipes and Cards.  The patterned paper and pre-made tabs were from a kit from s.e.i called, Smarty.

And last, but not least the inside back cover where I kept all of my receipt corralled.

This was one of the best organizational crafts that I have ever done and I will not go another Christmas season without one.  It kept me very organized and on track with one of the most stressless holiday seasons ever.  A big Thank You to Eighteen 25 Blog.

Happy weekend to you!

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Faith S. said...

This is such a great project!! I just about threw my Christmas Planner away this year because it's just a plain binder and ugly. You have inspired me!!

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